About us

forDiners - culinary experiences loved by locals

forDiners is the leading online service to find, compare and reserve culinary experiences from local Japanese restaurants. Request quotes in seconds for free from more than 33 500 Japanese restaurants to eat like a local with the best price.

Culinary experiences include a set course menu. Dinners are fixed in length, and feature free-flow drink menu for the dinner duration.


We map the world's cuisines to guide many people in their journey exploring the uncharted of the culinary world to restaurants and dishes which the locals love.


In the TV Show No Reservations, our greatest inspiration Anthony Bourdain explored cultures by enjoying local dishes in local restaurants.

Anthony did not use a trip tip website which other tourists post reviews to find restaurants. He had a local guide, who knew which restaurants to go and what dishes to eat.

It was always about what the locals love.

How it started

We wanted to feel like Anthony did when we were traveling. Arrive in a city, and go straight to the local places without any hesitation. We wanted to have the ultimate local guide with us.

We believe, that the best restaurants are those which locals love. We believe in genuine moments in local restaurants. We believe, that the best way to explore local cuisine is to eat those dishes which the locals love to eat.

However, time and time after, we were reading reviews from other tourists to find restaurants in our journeys. We started to ask ourself, how we can find the restaurants which the locals love?

We decided to fix this and built forDiners. We built forDiners to help travelers explore the local cuisines and enjoy their dinners in Japan.

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